Guidelines for Letters of Recommendation

Inverness Garden Club Scholarship Fund (IGCSF) Guidelines for Letters of Recommendation

Deadline for submission: March 1, 2019

To the letter writer:

Please indicate your relationship to the applicant and discuss his or her college potential: personal attributes, work ethic, overall ability, and worthiness for an IGCSF scholarship. The student’s application will contain a list of extracurricular activities and grades. Please direct your comments to areas with which you have direct knowledge.

Some areas to consider in your comments include:

  • Communication skills: ability to express oneself verbally and in writing, ability to be assertive, ability to listen
  • Academic skills: ability to learn new material
  • Creativity
  • Leadership Qualities: organizational skills, ability to motivate others, creativity, judgment, flexibility
  • Responsibility and Maturity: dependability, consistency
  • Personal Skills and Traits: honesty, patience, sensitivity to others, level of commitment

Please submit your comments as an attachment directly to

The deadline for submission is March 1, 2019. Recommendation letters received after that date may result in disqualification of the scholarship candidate’s application.

We thank you for your assistance in our application process.

- The Inverness Garden Club Scholarship Committee