History and Background

January 11, 2019 Inverness Garden Club of West Marin meeting presented by the IGC Scholarship Fund
Front row from left: Silas Blunk, Nicole Casartelli, Melea Emunah, Paola Barajas Garcia, Daisy Cruz Santos, Adrian Vega
Back row from left: Lucian Patton, Connor Scutt, Bryce Bianchi, Brandon Hitchcock, Max McFadden

In 1960 the Inverness Garden Club (IGC) established the Jessie Craig Memorial Fund in memory of a beloved IGC member. The first scholarship of $250 was awarded shortly thereafter. In early 1987 a permanent scholarship fund was established. The scholarship program grew over the years to the point where it became appropriate for the Scholarship Fund and the IGC to become separate non profit corporations which was accomplished in 2018. The IGC Scholarship Fund EIN number continues to be 94-6088058. All members of the IGC Scholarship Fund are also members of the new IGC which is now named, "The Inverness Garden Club of West Marin."

The IGC Scholarship Committee has created a comprehensive scholarship program whose purpose is to make college affordable for academically deserving, motivated students in coastal West Marin. We strive to raise enough funds that its scholars can attend college and graduate without a heavy debt burden. The Committee members consider applicants' academic achievements, school and community activities, and work experience. These awards are need-based. Scholarships typically range from $2,000 to $10,000 per year. In April 2018, the Committee awarded 77 scholarships; 24 to new scholars and 53 to continuing scholars. The total amount awarded was approximately $610,000.

Funds are solicited through an appeals letter and the Committee works individually with donors on larger current and lifetime gifts. Visit the donate page on this website to make a contribution now.  For more information contact the Committee Chair, Linda Lustig at 415-663-8636 or via email at llustig45@gmail.com.